Monday, 7 April 2014

Jesse Winchester

A few years ago, while on holiday in America, I made a special effort to catch an episode of Elvis Costello's TV show, 'Spectacle', as Ron Sexsmith was one of the guests. Ron was, as always, great, performing covers of 'Ring Them Bells' and 'Every Day I Write the Book', in addition to his own 'Secret Heart'. What really stood out that night, however, was Jesse Winchester's incredible performance of 'Sham-A-Ling-Dong-Ding', which moved me, as well as fellow guest Neko Case, to tears. 

Earlier today, I read a number of articles reporting Jesse Winchester's death and immediately searched out and posted this performance in tribute to him. It now appears that reports of Jesse's passing were premature, although he remains gravely ill.


Anonymous said...

Stunning. God bless him.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Fabulous...chicken skin!

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