Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Radiogram Years...slight return

On this day, a couple of years ago, I shared a handful of childhood photos of yours truly, plonked in front of the family radiogram (original post here). As I explained at the time, the birthday snapshot was an annual family tradition, which, as far as I recalled, came to an abrupt end in 1976. At the time of that post, I'd found eight photos in the archives and was trying to locate the rest to complete the set.

Two years on, I can exclusively reveal that, not for the first time, my memory wasn't serving me well. I have indeed unearthed more radiogram shots and unexpectedly these include three taken after 1976. (Just yesterday evening, at the end of an undeveloped strip of negatives, I found one from the dreaded moustache period.) It now appears that the very last Radiogram photo was actually taken in 1981, on my 21st birthday. There are still gaps to be plugged though, so there may well be further updates to come, somewhere down the line.

Meanwhile, here I am 50 years ago today, wearing a fetching bow tie & shorts combo and looking as if butter wouldn't melt in my mouth. I got a good haul for my 4th birthday, including a basketball, my first big-boy's bike (stabilisers hidden behind the jigsaw puzzle) and, crucially, a transistor radio. My very own personal source of music. Life would never be quite the same again.

(Great song, sorry about the shocking clip!)


John Medd said...

MHROTD! I hope this year's haul included a new bow tie?

The Swede said...

Thanks John. No bow tie this year and, to the relief of the local population, no shorts either.

C said...

Happy birthday!
What a fab little pic and you looking so dapper! (You should have worn the bow tie when you borrowed your friend's smart car in London...)
I'm loving your fancy bike and those cards behind you warrant a closer look (illustrations were so different!)
Have a sooper dooper day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, mate! Just got to your post in time! Have a good one and thanks for sharing more radiogram pics.

The Swede said...

Thanks for your good wishes guys. There's a chance that a couple of those old cards are still in the family archive C. If I do unearth any, I'll scan and forward them on for closer inspection.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Happy B belated...that is a great idea especially with the musical theme...not a bad JO song too.

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