Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Human League

Many happy returns to Philip Oakey, who is 59 today. The hairstyle, and indeed the hair, may be long gone, but the early Human League stuff still sounds great.


Anonymous said...

59? Blimey! Love the early stuff before they made it big.

C said...

59? He's wearing well!
I do have an eternal soft spot for the Human League. So resonant of certain times. And he still sounds good - heard him on that track by Little Boots and his unmistakeable voice still cuts it.

The Swede said...

When scouring YouTube for a tune to attach to the post, I was pleased to find quite a bit of early footage knocking about. I was also impressed to discover that the current incarnation of the band still play 'Empire State Human' in their live set and you're right C, he's still got the voice.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Human League reminds me of buying a hamster at the same time as there's a story!

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