Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Apologies for my recent radio silence, but I'm laid low at the moment with some form of bug, possibly man-flu. This is day three and I'm hoping that it fast tracks out of my system before a long arranged two day visit from an elderly Aunt tomorrow afternoon, as I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Among the current symptoms are very violent cold shivers and the opposite extreme of overheating and heavy sweating, which combine to litter what little sleep I'm getting with crazy, feverish dreams.

I managed to watch a little of the BBC documentary on the Russian space Programme this morning, before passing out again. Was it one of those feverish dreams, or did I really hear Eduard 'Mr Trololo' Khil's singular performance of 'I Am Glad, 'Cause I'm Finally Returning Back Home' playing behind one of the scenes?

You've probably seen this clip a million times, but if not, take a look - you'll be convinced that you're the one with the fever. It has to be seen (and heard) to be believed.

Normal service will be resumed when my brain's working properly again.


Anonymous said...

My kids have informed that he is a well.known internet phenomenon but I have never ever seen this so I'm in awe of his performance. Missed the Russian space thing - would you recommend it? Get better quickly, mate.

C said...

Ooh it sounds horrible - your lurgy, I mean - and I do hope you get over it very soon. Lemsip and whisky always work for me (not together, mind, although it might be worth a try).

Erik Bartlam said...

You are quarantined 25 days from Low Cotton.

Of course, we certainly hope you're feeling better before then but, we can't be too careful.

The Swede said...

Thanks folks. Feeling a little brighter this morning after a reasonable sleep and hopefully won't pass any nasty germs on to my Aunt.
SB. Haven't finished the Russian space doc yet, but the space race in general is a subject I've had an interest in since I were a wee nipper. This is the lesser known half of the story and looks good so far.
C. One word - bourbon. It cures all known human maladies. Or, if you drink enough, certainly helps you to forget them.
Erik. Bad news. I had a sneezing fit while reading your Morrissey post the other day. You might want to break out the disinfectant.

Old Pa's Corner said...

A feaver these days is not what you want to have what with all these scary diseases flying around. Get well soon my friend.

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