Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Version City #36 - Hannah Peel & Låpsley sing New Order

Post 1982, I was never much of a New Order fan, odd tunes have grabbed my attention here and there over the years, but generally their appeal has somehow passed me by. I thought I'd be happy if I never heard 'Blue Monday' again, but, in the last week alone, I've bumped into two sweet versions of the tune.

Hannah Peel recently uploaded four interesting covers to her YouTube account, including 'Blue Monday', the others being 'Tainted Love', OMD's 'Electricity' and 'Sugar Hiccup' by The Cocteau Twins. They're all absolutely charming and deserving of a few minutes of your time. Check them all out here.

I only heard Låpsley's delicate music for the first time this very morning, thanks to Drew over at Across the Kitchen Table, so can tell you virtually nothing about her, but while clicking around a few of her tunes (try this one to get the idea), I found that she too has a nice reading of 'Blue Monday' in her back pocket.


Erik Bartlam said...

That's fun.

I like that...and it's new for me.


Erik Bartlam said...

Funny thing about New Order. I was watching a documentary about Joy Division years ago and it ended with a very early live clip of new order from a TV show. I was floored. I loved it.
I was then on a quest for "old" New Order. It wasn't until later that I realized they were slightly embarrassed by these performances and that general consensus was that they sucked.

Anonymous said...

Rather nice. Hope these both come out as ten minute dance mixes.

Erik - I'm not sure they knew their own worth back then.

C said...

Indeed, you just can't keep a good song down. I do just hope that neither of these end up getting used for a John Lewis advert or somesuch - I'm quite surprised at the amount of unusual and contemporary takes on the songs of our youth which seem to appeal to the advertising agencies at the moment!

Old Pa's Corner said...

Both these are really good and shall I say refreshing. NO like many artist I have loved in the past I just had to listen to new stuff....you almost almost still get that one or 2 gems.

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