Sunday, 28 December 2014

Still My Home

Christmas - a bit of driving, a bit of eating, a bit more driving, a bit more eating, a massively long country walk, yet more eating, still more driving, still more eating then one last weary drive. There was also a fair amount of snoozing scattered throughout.

The house is bone-chillingly cold, but the wood-burner is already roaring away and, as Viking Moses notes, it's 'Still My Home'.


Anonymous said...

Home is where the hearth is. Sounds like a fine, if tiring, Christmas. Had to Google Viking Moses. Sounds interesting.

C said...

The eating, drinking and walking part sound great - perhaps the driving less so! There's no place like home... stay warm, it's certainly chilly out there!

C said...

I meant: eating, SNOOZING and walking part. No idea where I got 'drinking' from ;-)

The Swede said...

T'was fun indeed, I hope you both had an enjoyable time too.

Erik Bartlam said...

C's a drunkard...that's where she got the drinking. I should talk. I bought myself a bottle of Four Roses Bourbon for Christmas...and drank it.

We went to my sister's for breakfast. She cooks every Christmas morning...otherwise the day was spent listening to the Boy make laser and explosion sounds with his new Star Wars toys.

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