Thursday, 7 May 2015

So Many Things to Decide

One Sunday morning in 1965, in the days when you could still do that kind of thing, Dad and I wandered along Downing Street and he took a couple of photos of me outside Number 10. Despite voting in every General Election, Dad never once discussed party politics with me when I was growing up. His main concern was to teach me the distinctions between right and wrong, thus enabling me to decide for myself between left and right when the time came.

If you'd have told me six months ago that one of my favourite albums of the year would be by Idlewild, I would probably have shot you my best withering stare. I own nothing but a couple of early singles by the band and the bulk of their career has passed me by completely. 'Everything Ever Written', though, is an excellent, mature piece of work that I would wholeheartedly recommend to everyone. Here, on decision day for us in the UK, is 'So Many Things to Decide'.


george said...

Great photo. I can remember walking right up to the door of 10 Downing Street 8 or 9 years later.

Erik Bartlam said...

So freaking stylish.

I have been on that street myself.

My earliest memories are of my Daddy and my maternal Grandfather arguing about politics. Man they carried on (it was obvious that they enjoyed it too). Then one night my Grandaddy got so bent he said that anybody who voted for Reagan was a sonofabitch! ahahahahahahah

They were banned from arguing after that (at least in ear shot of my mother).

John Medd said...

Cracking photograph - a real period piece. What's the lapel badge btw? Tufty Club?

The Swede said...

Although he had little truck with many actual politicians, Dad firmly believed in the democratic process. I hate to think what he'd make of the current crop. Mum never voted, a source of irritation to me as I got older.
The jacket I'm wearing in the photos was the coolest I ever owned. The badge? Either Tufty Club or perhaps Tingha and Tucker. There's one for the teenagers.

C said...

Superb photos! I'm loving the double breasted jacket. And the policeman, who it looks as if has been magically planted there in the second pic having not made it into the first!

Anonymous said...

Don't want to embarrass you, Mr. S, but that wee lad is cute as a button!

Swiss Adam said...

What they all said

Old Pa's Corner said...

Great track must check out the album.Tufty club, I like it!

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