Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Albums of the Year 2015 - 16 to 20

Mrs S had a bad case of the dreaded lurgy for a couple of weeks in the run-up to Christmas, though thankfully felt a lot better come the big day. Now, somewhat inevitably, I can feel myself going quickly downhill with similar symptoms. Joints are aching, throat is sore and my brain is even more cloudy and befuddled than usual. So I'll be keeping my spiel to a minimum over the next 4 days as I unveil my favourite 20 albums of the year. Most of these artists have put in an appearance on the blog at some point, some more than once. Any that haven't will no doubt feature in greater depth in due course. I've included a tune with each entry, though not necessarily my absolute favourite, as I've tried not to duplicate any previous postings. Here's the first batch....

16) Bill Wells & Friends - Nursery Rhymes

17) Four Tet - Morning/Evening

18) Ryley Walker - Primrose Green

19) Colleen - Captain of None

20) Föllakzoid - III


Walter said...

Great first part, Swede. Some songs I played often (Four Tet), some I forgot how beautiful they are (Colleen) and some are ne to me like Föllakzoid. I have to investigate them. Hope the album is as good as the song.

The Swede said...

'Piure' is actually my favourite track on the Föllakzoid album Walter. I was convinced that I'd posted it at some point in the year and didn't want to repeat myself, but it turns out I hadn't! It's a very good album throughout though, as indeed was their second LP. Both well worth checking out.

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