Monday, 21 December 2015

The Tracks Of My Year

I'm currently trying to hammer out a list of my favourite 10 albums of the year and as time wears on, I realise that it's a task I should've started a lot sooner. So while I'm mulling it over for the millionth time, here are 5 of my favourite individual tunes of 2015.

5. Drinks - Hermits on Holiday. When I posted this in May, blogging chum Swiss Adam memorably described it as 'weirdo lo-fi shit, in a good way'. Couldn't have put it better myself.

4. Lonelady - Hinterland. The scratchy post-punk-funk of Lonelady (think Gang of Four meet A Certain Ration) was pretty much the soundtrack to my year. One of my live highlights too.

3. Birds of Hell - Hometown Rage. This haunting lo-fi snapshot of Pete Murdoch's childhood concludes with a genuinely moving snatch of a 78rpm recording of his late Grandmother's voice, echoing down the years.

2. Daniel Knox - Blue Car. Singer, songwriter, part-time movie projectionist and Instagram artist extraordinaire, Daniel Knox played locally in March. Standing a couple of feet away from him as he sang the stunning 'Blue Car' was an absolute 2015 highlight.

1. This Is the Kit - Silver John. The lyrics are a gentle musing on the end of life as we know it, but in spite of the heavy subject matter, 'Silver John' is like a thick warm coat on a bitterly cold winter evening.


Charity Chic said...

1,4 and 5 are on my ever growing much acquire list
Off to give 2 and 3 a listen
Good stuff Swede

Rol said...

Very much taken with Birds of Hell, thank you. Just went and bought the limited buyable tracks I could find for them on google. Will keep an ear out for an album.

Anonymous said...

Do you know, I forgot about Lonelady. Should have been in my list too.
Swiss Adam

John Medd said...

Number One works for me. My round up of the year contains very little stuff actually recorded this year.

Anonymous said...

You have been my main source of new music this year and it's been a very fine crop. I am particularly grateful for the intro to my homies, This Is The Kit, who will always be on my radar from now on. Other than your always splendid tips, I am currently so out of the loop that my favourite tunes of the year are probably by Louis Armstrong or someone. Keep 'em coming, mate.

The Swede said...

Glad I pushed a few of the right buttons here chums. If it's any consolation Swiss Adam, I'd discounted Lonelady myself for quite a while, so convinced was I that it had been released in 2014! Cue a bit of re-juggling after I discovered my error....

Old Pa's Corner said...

TRying to get back in and do some catching up. Great selection TS funily enough Blue Car is my number 2 of the years...Love the Lonelady track and This is the Kit....will be chcking out your albums shortly....keep 'em coming TS.

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