Saturday, 4 June 2016

Dread at the Controls

The late Michael Campbell, a.k.a Mikey Dread, was born 62 years ago today. Broadcaster, producer and performer, Mikey brought a good deal of fun along with his own brand of roots rock reggae, just listen to the wonderful 'African Anthem' LP if you don't believe me. It's an album crammed full of crucial Dread at the Controls dub-plates, interspersed with a selection of brilliantly individual jingles, created for his late 1970's Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation radio show. If you've never heard 'African Anthem', do yourself a favour and take a listen here.

For all his many achievements, it's Mikey Dread's work with The Clash for which he's possibly best remembered. Spinning dubwise selections before a show, performing support slots (sometimes with Joe and Mick skanking in the shadows) and often joining the band onstage for a couple of songs during their headlining set. Plus of course Mikey got involved in the studio, producing the 'Bankrobber' single and sections of the 1980 triple LP, 'Sandinista!'

In the mid-noughties, Mikey Dread (fronting American band The Blizzard of 78) recorded 'Silicone on Sapphire', his contribution to 'The Sandinista! Project', an ambitious tribute to the Clash's epic LP, which was eventually released in May 2007.

In October of 2007 it was announced that Mikey was receiving treatment for a brain tumour. Mikey Dread passed away on March 15th 2008.

Mikey Dread - Silicone on Sapphire

As a bonus, here's the great Wreckless Eric with his one-man-band reading of 'The Crooked Beat', another track taken from 'The Sandinista! Project'.

Wreckless Eric - The Crooked Beat


Swiss Adam said...

Nice post- that Wreckless Eric cover of Crooked Beat is rather good.

Charity Chic said...

Excellent stuff Swede

Old Pa's Corner said...

A great inforative post I am going to search out The Sandanista Project. Nice one TS.

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