Friday, 17 June 2016

Mbongwana Star

Too many times already this year, not least the past few days, it's been difficult to find a ready excuse to smile. So to leave a gig on Tuesday evening with my jaw aching just as much as my legs, was a real treat for the soul. I can't remember the last non-comedy show I saw that had me continuously beaming from ear to ear, quite as much as Congolese six piece Mbongwana Star did. The band's debut album, 'From Kinshasa', made my long-list at the end of 2015 and they are still out there promoting it in a truly joyous fashion. Guitarist Jean Claude (aka R9) appeared to be the musical director, keeping things gloriously tight but loose, while occasionally lurching into wildly off-kilter, Tony Iommi-esque solos. Meanwhile, Theo Nzonza, one of two wheel-chaired vocalists, was a blur, busting moves that put this able-bodied old fool to shame - ' good? good...?' Theo repeatedly asked us in broken English. The roar of the audience's reply required no translation. Catch them if you can.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Swede. It's a great album and I wish I could say I'd seen them on this tour as they can obviously cut it live.


Walter said...

As Jamie said - great stuff. I really liked From Kinshasa and played them often. Hope they come to Germany at my place to watch them live.

Charity Chic said...

Great stuff - another one for the ever growing list

Old Pa's Corner said...

Interesting, infectious...there must be a place on the Olympic chair football team too!

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