Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Men of North Country

A tip of the hat to Monkey (he of the esteemed Monkey Picks blog), who pointed me in the direction of Fusion On Air, an online radio station whose tagline is; Life's Too Short to Listen to Bland Crap - now that's an emotion I'm more than happy to second. Sunday evening's Kitchen Boogie show, hosted by Mick Collins, was absolutely outstanding from start to finish and the hour just flew by. I did have to pause the show for a couple of moments though, to research Men of North Country. Mick played their cover of Lou Pride's 'I'm Com'un Home In The Morn'un' and it just about stopped me in my tracks. It turns out Men of North Country hail from Tel Aviv and have recently released their second LP, 'This City', on the Acid Jazz label. So I paused the show for a little longer, clicked around and purchased said album. And it's a belter.


Old Pa's Corner said...

What a brilliant track 'I'm coming home...' I have to say TS I am not a great fan of music snobbery, althought it is difficut sometimes. If 1D turn people on, that can only be good. They are people too. (are they)?

George said...

Men Of North Country: I'm very very impressed!

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