Thursday, 14 July 2016

Version City #53 - Children of Leir sing Lee Hazlewood

Lee Hazlewood wrote and produced 'Shades' for Nancy Sinatra's 1966 LP, 'Nancy in London', before issuing his own performance of the song on 'Something Special' in 1968. 48 years later, Leicester's Children of Leir have shaken down Lee's gentle country-pop original, to create something that is sonically altogether different. Over at Children of Leir's Bandcamp page, just one British pound gets you their interpretation of 'Shades' plus an extended mix of 'Carcass' from 2015's 'Horse Cover', a fine album that ended up finishing just outside my Top 10 of the year.


Swiss Adam said...

... and that is fantastic. Plus the originals pretty good too.

Walter said...

As Adam said - this a fantastic version. Looking forward to their upcoming new LP.

Brian said...

Always liked Shades. This is a welcome cover. Nice find.

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