Friday, 1 July 2016

A Clash Hot Shot

Back in January, Brian, over at Linear Tracking Lives, announced his intention to take us on an ambitious 12 month A-Z journey through his record collection. The good news is that he's been digging out some absolutely belting tunes along the way, many of which I've never previously encountered. The bad news from his point of view is that it's already July and he's only got as far as the letter 'C'. So the very, very good news for us then, is that his cracking series should run and run, hopefully - and long may it do so.

The most recent entry in Brian's journey (here) finds me on more familiar terrain than usual, as his featured slab o' wax is the 'London Calling' LP by The Clash. During the course of the post Brian asked us, his readers, to nominate our own respective favourite Clash tracks of all time. It's just this kind of question that could easily see me lose a whole day while I cogitate on the matter, though on this occasion, in a moment of extraordinary discipline, I plumped for the very first tune to jump into my head - 'Bankrobber'. My default version of the song is this extended one, lovingly crafted by a fan and downloaded from a blog many many moons ago. I've seen a few similar mixes crop up here and there in subsequent years as the technology has improved, but this one'll do for me.

The Clash - Bankrobber (Extended Version) 11.44


Brian said...

Someone put a lot of love into this version, Swede. Never would have heard it. Thanks. Obviously, I'm not getting through the collection in 12 months. It's a more taxing endeavor than I expected, but I am enjoying it. Been finding myself skipping here and there to move things along. Not everything deserves my time for ripping, but then you come to someone like Bowie and you end up losing a week on one artist. Thanks for the mention.

Charity Chic said...

A good debate going on at Brian's place

Echorich said...

There's a wonderfully ghostly about Bankrobber and sister track Armagideon Time. The Clash understood Dub. The Clash respected Dub. The Clash made some truly memorable music when they ventured into Dub.

The Swede said...

Brian. I'm picking up on so much that I've missed, plus a few that I knew, but had forgotten and am looking forward to where the journey takes us.

CC. I know, I love it. It's the sort of discussion I could get lost in for hours.

Echorich. You're dead right. Imagine some of the versions Mick could create using the master tapes, if he ever had a mind to.

Swiss Adam said...

Great version.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard this version before. Looking forward to it although my favourite Clash track will always be Complete Control.


Old Pa's Corner said...

I Agree Complete Control just gets me got to be in my top 10 records of all time. Your my Guitar Hero

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