Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Live At The Fish Factory

Yesterday morning the postman arrived at the front door clutching my copy of 'Live at the Fish Factory', a clear vinyl 10" single by Collocutor, purchased in support of the band's crowd-funding initiative for their forthcoming second LP, 'The Search', which is due in November. Collocutor's 2014 debut, 'Instead', was an essentially jazz-based affair, albeit liberally laced with all manner of afro-inflected grooviness - and it's a corker. Check it out here.

The two tunes on 'Live at the Fish Factory' were recorded in January of this year - and filmed at the same time. Here's the spiritual 'Arrival'.

(I'm heading off to London for a few days to catch up with the visiting New York contingent of the family. Back after the weekend.)

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