Friday, 19 August 2016

Red Gold & Green #6 - Jimmy London

As I'm currently spending a few days ensconced in this nation's capitol city, it seems a particularly appropriate moment to share my favourite tune by one Trevor Shaw - better known in reggae circles as Jimmy London. Early on, Jimmy's sweet voice was a natural fit for such vocal harmony acts as The Inspirations and The Untouchables, though it was after going solo that he found his greatest commercial success, scoring a minor hit in 1971 with a cover of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'. 'The Road Is Rough' appeared on the b-side of 'No Letter Today' in 1974 and gives John Lee Hooker a co-writing credit. I know of a Hooker song entitled 'The Road Is So Rough', but it bears no relation to this one, so if anyone can enlighten me further I'd be very grateful. The jaunty tune of 'The Road Is Rough' belies the determined desperation of the lyrics. Sing it Jimmy.

Jimmy London - 'The Road Is Rough'

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George said...

Love this song. By the way I see that the Ryley Walker is now on sale.

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