Sunday, 24 December 2017

(Merry Xmas) Face The Future

As I suspected might be the case, my recent return to the world of retail has eaten into all of my time over the past couple of weeks. I'm taking every shift that I'm offered, based on the assumption that available hours may be hard to come by in January. I am, however, really looking forward to catching up with the year end reviews and favourite albums lists of my fellow bloggers when things settle down a bit. I've missed out on a lot in 2017, so I welcome the opportunity to fill in some gaps.

In the meantime I'll leave you with what I consider to be the best 'seasonal' single of the last 35 years, from Geoff Barrow's BEAK>. A download of this fabulous tune will set you back a mere quid, all of which will go to The National Elf Service, a mental health charity. Do the right thing here.

To you and yours, from all the gang at Swede Towers, Happy Christmas, however you choose to spend it.


John Medd said...

And a Happy Christmas to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

That BEAK single is a cracker. I thought about posting it myself tomorrow but you've beaten me to it!

Enjoy your time off tomorrow and all the best for 2018!


Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas Swede.
Swiss Adam

Charity Chic said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Swede

C said...

Happy Christmas to you and Mrs S from me and Mr SDS (hope you're over your cold now too) Enjoy your well-deserved break from work in the next couple of days!

Brian said...

Merry Christmas, Swede. Hope you get to take a breather for a day or two to enjoy the holiday. There were a couple of other holiday songs/albums that did it for me in 2017, and I recommend a song from Rat Fancy and an album from Bubblegum Lemonade. Still, I must admit I stuck mostly with the classics this year.

drew said...

All the best to both of you Swede

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