Monday, 10 September 2018

Marisa Anderson

Marisa Anderson onstage at the Colchester Arts Centre

My days of making regular 100+ mile round trips for gigs are largely a thing of the past. If a band isn't playing fairly locally, or at least somewhere near a convenient place where I can get my head down for the night, I tend to pass. There are exceptions though and one evening early last week I made the hour and a half drive to see Marisa Anderson play at the Colchester Arts Centre.

Anderson's timeless music draws from Gospel, Delta blues, rustic American country, Saharan drones and even, in the case of her interpretation of 'The Daemon Lover', the British folk tradition. She finished her main set with a mesmerising reading of 'Sant Feliu de Guíxols', my favourite tune from her latest LP 'Cloud Corner'. It remained firmly lodged in my noggin for the entire hour and a half drive home.


John Medd said...

I bombed down to Milton Keynes last Wednesday to see LA Guns; in May I traveled to Amsterdam to catch Baxter Dury at the Paradiso Club. I'll go where the music takes me.

The Swede said...

The heart is willing, but the heavy eyelids don't always feel like they want to oblige. Wait a minute........LA Guns? What the deuce?

John Medd said...

I'm guessing that's code for 'What in the name of all that's holy?' I cut my teeth on metal; for which I make no apology. I've been following Phil Lewis (their singer) since he was but a boy in Girl. If that makes sense?

Rickety Rackety said...

As one who barely ever leaves the bunker to hear live music these days, I have to say this is lovely and worth the ride.

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