Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Changing Costumes in Your Room

Island Records tried hard, so very hard, to get Warm Jets away. Throughout 1997/98 each successive single came in a multitude of 'collectable' formats and the band seemed to be constantly on the road - a never-ending promotional tour that took them everywhere from headline slots in small clubs to supporting major acts in vast arenas. I caught Warm Jets several times in that 24 month period and the highlight of the show was always 'Never Never'. Issued, re-issued, re-promoted, pointlessly re-recorded and re-issued again, the single finally scraped into the Top 40, but ultimately, following the release of their sole album 'Future Signs', the band were dropped by Island and broke up soon after.

Warm Jets - Never Never


Brian said...

Never heard this one. During my time in the music wilderness. Sure sounds like a hit to me.

Rol said...

This was during my era in the record library, programming our Sunday indie show that the boss didn't listen to, and getting lots of freebie gig tickets (payola?) from record companies. I must have seen the Warm Jets once or twice, I certainly remember this song coming in again and again due to it's many re-issues.

Anonymous said...

I'm good friends with two of the Warm Jets. I've emailed them a link to this

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