Monday, 26 November 2018

Monday Long Song

Robert Calvert died in 1998 following a heart attack, at a mere 43 years of age. While he was with us however, he was prolific, producing a novel, several plays, two collections of poetry, a bunch of solo records and of course contributing to a series of great albums with Hawkwind. 'Spirit of the Age' opened the band's 1977 LP 'Quark, Strangeness and Charm' and back then the song clocked in at nearly 7½ minutes, but in 2009 a deluxe double CD version of the album was issued on the Atomhenge label, with the inclusion of an additional 13 alternative and unreleased tracks. One of those extras is the full unedited version of 'Spirit of the Age'.

Hawkwind - Spirit of the Age (Unedited Version)


John Medd said...

Sounding very Roxy like; gotta admit that after Silver Machine my Hawk knowledge is waffer thin.

drew said...

Great stuff not an album I'm acquainted with as the next thing I have after Warrior on The Edge Of Time is Levitation.

I have a feeling that Hawkwind may feature a few times in this series around the blogs

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