Monday, 18 November 2019

Monday Long Song

Although not necessarily my usual area of musical interest, the steady flow of early releases on the Mo'Wax label certainly made my ears prick up back in the day. 12" singles from the likes of Palm Skin Productions, Attica Blues and DJs Shadow & Krush all found favour in my neck of the woods. Then came the 'Headz' compilation, which ended up being something of an in-house favourite in my shop in and around 1994. The initial double CD / triple LP set rounded up 18 waifs, strays and otherwise unavailable singles, eventually spawning two sequels. Here's a tune from the first volume to which I was, and remain, particularly partial. 'Symmetrical Jazz' is the only track Saleem Andrew McGroarty ever put out under the Awunsound moniker, although he still appears to be actively involved in the music scene in various capacities to this day.

Awunsound - Symmetrical Jazz (Flapper Till 5AM Mix)


drew said...

Swede man, don't mention the Mo Wax Headz comps, it brings back bad memories I will wake up screaming in the middle of the night tonight remembering the stupid sell off back in 2003 to finance the first ipod, which I have mentioned a few times

The Swede said...

I feel your pain Drew. I sold off my vinyl copy many years ago when I 'upgraded' to the CD set - ouch!

Brian said...

You won't beat this one. I sold off my Smiths singles to finance prom. Like a bad John Hughes movie.

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