Monday, 2 December 2019

Monday Long Song / Red Gold & Green #33

It's Monday morning, the sun is out, my washing is steaming on the line in the garden and I've just flipped open my laptop for the first time in over a week. Christmas, for those of us working in retail, has well and truly commenced. I made it clear some time ago to those in charge that throughout the festive period I'll be available for every shift going - and they have pretty much taken me to my word. I'm happy with that. I know that the overtime board will be a barren wasteland come January and February, so I'm making hay while the sun shines. Also, I'm saving up for a bit of an adventure in April, so, y'know, every little helps. Today, though, I have a day off. A chance to do my washing, to take a long walk and, most importantly, to have a proper listen to the little pile of new records that the postman has been dropping off just lately. First though, an unhurried breakfast (pictured) and an appropriately titled tune from Birmingham's Carnastoan, the b-side of their one and only 12" single, released in 1981.

Carnastoan - Mr Workhard


C said...

That does look like an absolutely delicious breakfast, TS - any recipe tips? Glad to hear you can get the overtime in when you need it and excited to hear more about your future plans for adventure next year. We all need these goals, I think. An appropriate tune indeed and it goes very well with my fragrant cup of Vanilla Chai Tea this afternoon!

Walter said...

Good to hear that you have plans for next year and it seems you see the sun shine a little brighter Swede. Great tune from a band that is very new to me. Love it.

The Swede said...

C. A simple classic - avocado on toast. Never quite filling enough if I'm working, but with the prospect of a leisurely lunch later in the day, it's the perfect start. Along with a pot of fresh coffee, natch!

Thanks Walter. The band released just one 12" single during their existence, yet somehow managed to record two Peel sessions. There must be more recordings out there somewhere!

Brian said...

Seeing your photo as I downed a yogurt and handful of blueberries this morning was a good laugh. You can cook for me anytime, Swede. Can't wait to hear what you have cooking next year, too.

Alyson said...

That does look like a really nice breakfast but more importantly, good to hear you are cooking up plans for the new year. I have a sneaky suspicion I know what you might be planning and if I'm right you'll need all those extra shifts. Don't overdo it on the work front though - I now realise I wasn't "match fit" ahead of my summer of hard work and my poor neck and back soon let me know about it!

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