Friday, 6 December 2019

Version City #73 - Alasdair Roberts sings Ivor Cutler

It's Clacton-On-Sea in 1966. The two kids in the front are a blur of larkingaboutness, much as you'd expect. The one on the right is taking a good look over the side, perhaps trying to figure out how it is that the little boat he's in keeps j-u-s-t missing that concrete wall as it goes round and round and round. The hilariously intense figure in the back seat? Yes, that's me, concentrating as if my life depended upon it. I'm not quite sure why. Did I really think I was steering the damned thing? Possibly.

Alasdair Roberts - I Had a Little Boat

Ivor Cutler - I Had a Little Boat (Peel Session)


Alyson said...

Love that picture - You do look very intent on steering from the back seat though!

C said...

Ah, Ivor Cutler, much missed.

As for the lovely picture - remind us never to give you a lift in the back of our car!

Swiss Adam said...

Great photo Swede.

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