Wednesday 15 January 2020

Aunt Update #1

 My Aunt & I in 1963 and at her 90th birthday party last August

This was written a few days ago, but all being well, as you read these words I should be speeding my way back up the M11 towards home after spending a few days in London with my Aunt Joyce. She lives alone, celebrated her 90th birthday last year and required some minor outpatient surgery yesterday. Her daughter, my cousin, lives in New York, so I went down to transport Joyce to and from the hospital, then make sure she was as comfortable as possible before zipping back to East Anglia and to work. In four days I start a week's holiday and I'll be heading back down to London in order to check in on the patient, who, knowing her, will be a very impatient patient. By then I imagine she'll be desperate to get out of the house for a wander along the High Street, a bus ride to Romford, or a shopping trip to Chelmsford. She's had a few knocks over the years, but doesn't like to sit still for long. Hopefully though, she won't overdo it and will hang on until I arrive back in town next week, when I can whisk her off for a pub lunch at her favourite spot.

The Upsetters - Medical Operation


Charity Chic said...

You're a good sort Swede
Get well soon and enjoy your pub lunch. The Swede is buying!

John Medd said...

90?! She's looking well on it.

The Swede said...

Charity Chic. Fat chance. She won't let me pay for a thing. If I do manage to sneak a drink or dessert in at my expense, when I get home I find that she's stashed a tenner in my pocket.

John. Tell me about it. You should try keeping up with her when she gets a march on.

C said...

How heartwarming, TS. And she's a very lucky Aunt to have you in her life.

Rol said...

Enjoy your visit, Swede.

drew said...

I hope your Aunt is well on the way to recovery Swede.

It is good to know that there are still some good people like yourself out there Swede.

Brian said...

Warms the cockles, Swede. You're a good man.

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