Friday, 5 June 2020

Farewell Steve Priest

On Friday December 21st 1973 I saw Sweet at The Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park. It was only my third ever concert, but the second time I'd seen the band at the iconic venue that year. Five years would elapse before I saw Sweet live again and a further three years before I caught them for a fourth and final time, albeit in a Brian Connolly-less trio configuration - a three piece Sweet if you will.

Bassist Steve Priest passed away yesterday at the age of 72, leaving Andy Scott as the sole survivor from the classic line-up. The December 1973 Rainbow show was recorded and seven of the thirteen songs played that night appeared two years later on the double compilation LP 'Strung Up'. 'Hellraiser', which had reached No.2 in the singles chart earlier that year, opened the set.

Sweet - Hellraiser (Live)


Charity Chic said...

A good fun band
Rest easy Steve

John Medd said...

Sad news. Another link in the chain connecting me with my musical past has been broken. What I wouldn't give to be transported back to London N4 on that night in 1973.

Alyson said...

Another one of them gone - sad news. Love that you still have that ticket stub - 75p eh? A small fortune for a schoolboy back then though.

As John says, another link to our musical past gone.

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