Monday, 15 June 2020

Monday Long Song

Authentic instrumental acoustic Americana this week, from an unlikely source - The Netherlands. Joost Dijkema (pronounced Yowst Dykuh-ma) was born in 1989 and started his musical journey behind a drum kit before having his head turned by LPs such as Leo Kottke´s ´6 & 12 String Guitar’ and Michael Chapman’s ‘Time Past and Time Passing’ after which he spent several years developing his own fingerstyle acoustic guitar technique. Dijkema has thus far released two solo albums, 'Sacred Revelations' in 2016 and last year's 'Time Thief' (both available to check out here). 'Why in the World Evansville' is a new tune taken from the latest instalment of Tompkins Square's ongoing Imaginational Anthem series, 'Vol. X : Overseas Edition'.

Joost Dijkema - Why In the World Evansville

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Ramone666 said...

A fine Dutch treat, thanks!

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