Monday 17 August 2020

Monday Long Song

As regular readers will know, the mighty Kungens Män and their many offshoots have become regular fixtures in my house and on these pages over the past few years. 'Trappmusik', their most recent long player, was issued in February and in September Automatism (¾ of whom also play in Kungens Män) release their second full length effort, 'Immersion'. At the time of typing, only 32 of the of  the 300 white vinyl limited edition LPs remain unspoken for on their Bandcamp page, so if you like the sound of 'Heatstroke #2', you'd best get you skates on.


drew said...

Loving that. Although the vinyl with the shipping costs has ruled it out for me (which I fear the turn of the year will make even more out of my reach), this maybe one of the few things that I will buy just on download only which I really don't like doing. One to ponder over.

Ramone666 said...

Another fine album of theirs, though Hart Som Ben remains my fave. Thanks again for introducing them to me a while back.

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