Saturday, 1 June 2013

Another Keeper

Frustrating though it is to have a ever increasing list of blog-posted tunes and iPlayer radio programmes awaiting my attention while my laptop's speakers are out of action, it is proving great fun to poke about in boxes of records and CD's that have remained unopened and inaccessible for over 2 years. My attention is currently focused on a couple of boxes of 7" singles - and what treasures I'm rediscovering! I'm supposed to be thinning the collection out, but, as you can imagine, there ain't a lot of that goin' on!

Here's the quite wonderful debut single by Plush, 'Three Quarters Blind Eyes', released in 1994.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Plush - one of those names that rings some kind of bell but I think I missed them.

The Swede said...

I had a couple of their subsequent releases, but this was the only one I kept. Has a touch of George Harrison about it I think.

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