Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Lightning Strikes #3 - Jet Bronx & the Forbidden

Day 3 of a haphazard look at singles from my collection on the Lightning Records label, finds us in December 1977 with 'Ain't Doin' Nothin' by Jet Bronx & the Forbidden. It's a red vinyl 7" that I still notice in charity shops and at car-boot sales from time to time, so I assume that the 'limited edition' may have run to substantially more than the 15000 indicated on the sleeve.

The band is a handy one to keep in mind should you ever find yourself in the position of putting together a pub quiz, as their guitarist, and composer of this catchy little number, is the aforementioned Jet Bronx, also known as Loyd Grossman - yep, that Loyd Grossman. I wonder whatever became of that old punk?

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Old Pa's Corner said...

Great Pub quizz question that one...there are some nice little jems here

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