Monday, 10 June 2013

Lightning Strikes #1 - Lucy

Flicking through a box of my old 7" singles recently, I was surprised to find how many releases I owned on Lightning Records. Lightning was a Warner Brothers sponsored independent label in the late 1970's, with no uniform profile, releasing novelty singles, proto-NWOBHM, Rock & Roll reissues and second division punk alongside cutting edge reggae from the likes of Culture and the mighty Prince Far-I.

From Monday to Friday this week I'll be featuring a single a day from my box, as originally released on the Lightning label. First up is Lucy with 'Really Got Me Goin'', one of two 1977 singles that form their entire recorded output. A quick glance at existing photos of the band tells you a great deal about the period; unfashionable beards, flares and long hair rub shoulders with ripped tee-shirts, short back & sides and drainpipes - not to mention a glammed up bassist with something of a Steve Priest fixation. It was a confused time! One gets the distinct impression of a band caught between two stools, forced by the changing musical climate to 'punk' their sound up a bit, resulting in a somewhat clunky, but enjoyable approximation of the burgeoning genre .

Guitarist Phil Collen went on to find fame and fortune with Def Leppard - who'd have thunk it?


Anonymous said...

This is great. That whole period when pub rock and glam rock were slowly turning into punk rock was an odd but fun time. Reminds me of folk like Hammersmith Gorillas and Count Bishops. Somehow a bit like sprinkling saffron on your dumplings. Looking forward to hearing more from the old Lightning label. Ripped t-shirts AND flares! What a time.

Old Pa's Corner said...

This one has plenty the Def Leppard ref.

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