Friday, 21 June 2013

Denis Jones

Denis Jones throws the Dick Van Dyke notion of a one man band out of the window and is surely some kind of technical genius, embellishing his songs with loops, pops, crackles and beeps created live and in the moment. Yet for all the inanimate gadgets and gizmos on display, a resolutely human heart beats at the core of his songs.

Jones hasn't added to his tally of two long players since 2010's 'Red + Yellow =' (available to hear with associated visuals here), this though, is an absorbing live reading of 'Beginning', the perversely titled closing track from his 2007 debut album 'Humdrum Virtue'.


Anonymous said...

Interesting fellow. Sounds like a lot to be thinking about as he's singing along. I do rather like the Dick Van Dyke school of one-man-bandship. Don Partridge, anyone?

The Swede said...

Don Partridge, there's a name I'd forgotten!

Old Pa's Corner said...

Don Partridge...Rosie and Blue Eyes...I have never heard of this guy Mr S but compelling listening...think I may check out his albums...thanks for the intro

The Swede said...

He does have some very good songs on the go and they seem to work, whether delivered straight with an acoustic guitar or all glitched up with his gizmos and loops.

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