Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Rolling Stones

It's only Thursday morning and already there are discussions about the possible contents of The Rolling Stones setlist at Glastonbury this coming Saturday. Really? Surely it will be a crowd pleasing hits set - and why shouldn't it be? I don't foresee any Springsteen-style fan requests, magic-markered on pieces of cardboard, being gathered up by Mick for impromptu consideration. Nor any odd, painfully obscure, rarities appearing in the running order for the satisfaction (sorry) of Stones geeks and completists.

All that being said, if the band should unexpectedly lurch into the following tune on Saturday evening, this correspondent's ears would certainly prick up.


Anonymous said...

Nah, as a special treat they are going to do the entire 'Dirty Work' album.

The Swede said...

Haha - brilliant! Could you imagine?

Old Pa's Corner said...

Watched a little of it but fell disrepect to the Stones there....still think there first album is one of their best...raw rthym and blues

The Swede said...

Old Pa. I flicked through the set on the BBC iPlayer. Thought Ronnie was looking particularly sprightly.

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