Friday, 13 December 2013

Ezra Furman

The shortlist for my 20 favourite albums of 2013 currently runs to a hefty 53 titles and so, in an effort to trim down the numbers, I'm diligently spending a bit of quality time with each one of the lucky blighters. Among them is Ezra Furman, who recently reappeared in my collection after a gap of five years. I lost touch with his output after his second LP, 2008's 'Inside the Human Body', but 'Day of the Dog', his fifth, is a very fine piece of work that had me scuttling off to catch up with what I've been missing.


Old Pa's Corner said...

This is great.... I never heard his stuff before......I made comments on previous post but they do not appear for some reason.

The Swede said...

It's a very strong album Old Pa, check it out when you have a mo'.

(All your comments for the previous post came through ok, but I just published the first.)

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