Thursday, 5 December 2013

Jonathan Wilson - Live in Concert

How many artists, touring in support of only their second album, have the confidence and ability to play a set of over two hours in length, including a sprinkling of unreleased material, which has no dips, lulls, or wristwatch-checking moments? Step forward Jonathan Wilson, who, with his superb band, had the audience in Norwich agog from the get-go on Monday evening. A lesser band would doubtless have saved material as strong as the opening salvo of 'Lovestrong', 'Illumination' and 'Fazon' for their encores, but Wilson has considerable strength in depth, there are few weak-links in his catalogue. In fact he elected not to play one of his very best songs, 'Cecil Taylor', at all.

Jonathan Wilson's sound is past-acknowledging and forward-looking, musically rich and subtly complex, where time signatures shift and solos go off at unexpected tangents. Grandstanding is not his style, but it's quietly intricate, frequently breathtaking stuff all the same. Touchstones include everything from CSN&Y (collectively and individually) to elements of progressive rock, Pink Floyd in particular. One gets the impression that he is only just beginning to flex his musical muscles. Miss him at your peril.


Anonymous said...

Now you've definitely got be hooked. I really enjoyed the last Mr. Wilson post you put up here but this has truly converted me. Must add him to my wish list. Yes, looks back lovingly without wallowing in nostalgia. Thanks!

The Swede said...

He's something special Mr Bear.

Old Pa's Corner said...

I listened to his album on your recommedation and was knocked out...boy TS you get there. And good for you!

Old Pa's Corner said...

two brilliant tracks by the way, PF influence shines thru

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