Friday, 14 March 2014

Three For the Love of Pop

There are some genuinely great pop singles around at the moment. These three in particular are on heavy rotation round our way.


Anonymous said...

All classy choices. Would need to hear them more to get that 'ear worm' thing of much great pop but I particularly like the Metronomy track.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Great stuff especially Joan. Trying franticly to get all Posts Uptodate as going on Vacation for 3 Totw for next week is by Real Estate, classy pop in Teenage Fan Club vain.

The Swede said...

There's something about that moment when the solo kicks in during 'Holy City' - perfection.
Happy holidays Old Pa - where are you off to?

Old Pa's Corner said...

A week in UK to see my new Grandson and a couple of weeks in Thailand. probaly about the 10th time I have been there....used to go for R&R when I worked in Saudi Arabia.

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