Saturday, 29 March 2014

Three For a Laugh

I'm heading out of town for 48 hours and, despite my best efforts, I've run out of time to get a proper post together before I go. Instead, I'll leave you with three short clips that bring a smile to my lips. A classic from The Goons, an inspired moment of daftness that we can all relate to from the recent, patchy, 'Life Of Rock With Brian Pern' and the genius of Kevin Eldon from 'Big Train'.


Erik Bartlam said...

George Martin...I nearly pissed my pants.


Safe travels...and hope it's for fun or at least fun work. I've been run ragged this week...and I'll be at it again starting Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for three great laughs and the George Martin sketch is pure genius. Take care.

C said...

Great stuff! Must say I thoroughly enjoyed the Brian Pern series (I mean... to hear Nigel Havers going on about Moogism! Hilarious!)
Hope all ok for you out of town.

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