Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Misty Mist

Down the garden, over the allotments and across the marsh beyond. I always stop to look out of our bedroom window, whether I'm on my way into bed at night or stumbling out of it at the start of a new day. It's never the same view twice. Here's what I saw this morning.

I could write a whole piece on the range and variety of mists that gather on the marsh, but would struggle to illustrate any of them. Successfully capturing mist on camera is akin to capturing lightning in a bottle, for me anyway. This morning's mist/frost/sun combo was particularly beautiful though. And as I looked out, I too was being observed. I guess the view in the other direction is no big deal to this little 'un.

Later in the day, we endured a private mist of our own - inside the house. The next door neighbours were sanding down a beam and, as our two houses were once one and thus we share some floorboards, a gentle sawdust fog drifted up and through the rooms, leaving a fine covering over everything. I'd only vacuumed yesterday too.


C said...

This morning's photo combo is particularly beautiful too! Gorgeous view, gorgeous little sparrow. Lovely! We had a light sprinkling of snow earlier and it brought with it a garden full of starlings, squealing and whistling like excited children as they squabbled over the fat feeders, while the blackbirds and sparrows pick up the scraps that drop to the ground.

Anonymous said...

What a splendid view - it brings peace just to catch a glimpse on your photo. Lovely little chap, too - and thee feathered buddy is beautiful as well! (arf). I adore 'Misty Mist', of course I do.

Spreadin' Rhythm! said...

Such a lovely view from your very own window. The walks must be glorious and I'm quite envious. (My heart has always been in the U.K.!)

The Swede said...

Thanks all. We sleep in the loft and hear the sparrows scuttling above and around us under the roof tiles. They'll often have a bask in the early morning sun (if there is any!) just outside the window before getting on with their day.

(Marie, are you from It's All in the Grooves? I left my email address in the comments box before you went into private mode, but have heard nothing back so far.)

Vintage Spins said...

One and the same! If you haven't received it yet, check your spam box just in case it ended up there by mistake. Let me know if it still hasn't made an appearance.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Love the wee bird, now I know where they got the idea for 'Angry Birds'
My new phone has a pretty good camera so I must take some local pics one day to share.

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