Thursday, 21 January 2016


Continuing the theme of my previous post, how about a little kosmische musik from Russia? 'Ngan!', by Gnoomes, fell just outside my top 20 albums of 2015 and the record's four tracks are a hazy, lysergic delight. The epic opener, 'Roadhouse', clocks in at a shade under 16 minutes and is worth every second, though in case you don't have that much time to spare right at this moment, the band created an official video featuring a massively edited version of the song. Check out the full LP here.


Anonymous said...

Yep, groovy beat but, for me, they lose a couple of points for that 'low in the mix' vocal whine, which never appeals to my lug 'oles.

Walter said...

What kind of wonderful music. Great choice Swede. I am sure to investigate for more.

Brian said...

Atypical week when you read (and enjoy) two posts featuring Russian bands. Thanks for featuring this one.

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