Friday, 29 January 2016

Live and Direct - This Is The Kit

Monitor problems. Mysterious and elusive crackling guitar cables. Another guitar requiring retuning mid-song. The drummer's phone briefly interrupting proceedings. A bass guitar that decided to separate from its strap, again in mid-song. All this before the end of the gig's third number. A lesser band might have crumbled at this point, but This is the Kit are made of sterner stuff, overcoming these trifling hurdles to play a joyful, spellbinding concert in the unique environs of the 18th century Octagon Chapel in Norwich.

Unsurprisingly, the set drew heavily from last year's excellent 'Bashed Out' LP, though for me, the absolute highlight of the evening was one of a brace of fine new songs we were treated to, which, judging by the quick inter-bandmember conflab before its performance, is currently being road-tested in more than one arrangement. I didn't catch the title, but hopefully they'll give it another airing when they play at the 6Music Festival in the middle of February.


Charity Chic said...

When Kate was singing the Burns song at the Roaming Routes Review she stumbled on a line but carried on like a true trooper

Anonymous said...

Mr. S, did you actually remove the link to my blog? (Just when I started posting there again?) I saw it there last night, but not today? Just wondering.

The Swede said...

CC. Apparently the tour in general has had its 'moments', not least some late arrivals by the band at a few of the venues - including Norwich.

Marie. I took the link down because you mentioned that you were going to go private again. Have you changed your mind? I hadn't noticed any new activity at your place - sorry!

Anonymous said...

Really hope to catch this lot live sooner or later. Sounds like you had a real treat.

Anonymous said...

Mr. S,
I've got some things up now because I wanted to give anyone who was interested a chance to ask for an invite. It's unlikely that the powers that be would allow me to operate for long on a public blog (if I work consistently towards my Top 1,001.) But it's okay, I understand.

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