Sunday, 31 January 2016

Tuff Love

One of my blogging pals pointed me in the direction of Glasgow's Tuff Love last year, but for the life of me I can't remember which one. Whoever it was, allow me to offer my thanks. The band have been variously described as fizzy, fuzzy, sun-streaked and (my favourite) aggressively melodic - and any one of those will do the job. Over the past couple of years, Tuff Love have issued three EP's on The Pictish Trail's, Lost Map label (home, let it not be forgotten, of my favourite LP of 2015, 'Friend' by Rozi Plain). Those three EP's, 'Junk', 'Dross' and 'Dregs', have now been compiled into a 15 track album, 'Resort', due for release right about now. More info here.


Walter said...

What a great little band, Swede. The recent days I read somewhere of Tuff Love's first record and I marked to investigate for it. You were faster and brought these really good songs to us.

Anonymous said...

Hoping to buy the album later today and also pen a little feature on them myself.


Brian said...

It's on my shopping list. I have caught up with many favorites from our peers. Methinks my 2015 lists would be a little different if I did it today.

The Swede said...

A great little band indeed Walter - and frighteningly young!
I look forward to reading your thoughts Jamie.
Mine too Brian. I thought you might have originally introduced me to Tuff Love?

JC said...

got all the EPs on vinyl. seem them live a few times and they're always good.

Brian said...

Hi Swede. Can you drop me a quick line?

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