Saturday, 9 January 2016

Steve Mason

'Planet Sizes' is the first taster from 'Meet the Humans', the new LP from Steve Mason, which is due for release at the end of February. The striking graphics in the video for the song were created by artist and film maker Anna Ginsburg. The album is available to pre-order over at Domino HQ. There might even be some signed copies left if you hurry.

Since it's the weekend, here's a bonus - 'All Come Down' from 2011's 'Boys Outside'. For my money, one of the finest songs of the 21st Century.


Walter said...

This taster makes me want to listen more from the upcoming album of the genius.

Anonymous said...

Swiss Adam

Bright Ambassador said...

I've always meant to further investigate both Beta Band and Steve Mason. I'm now fully convinced, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Both of these are rather tasty cuts, aren't they? Never been very well acquainted with his music and it looks as though I should. Good to see Walford's Mick Carter making use of his spare time when away from the Queen Vic.

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