Saturday 3 December 2016

Nev Cottee

In September I tentatively started re-listening to my 2016 purchases in preparation for the inevitable end of year retrospective bonanza, but for one reason or another, I didn't get very far. Now, with only a few weeks to go, I find myself woefully unprepared. It's time to buckle down, but a relatively recent discovery, released in 2015, is completely hogging my head-space at the moment. Step forward Manchester's own Nev Cottee and his 2nd LP 'Strange News From the Sun'. Think Lee Hazlewood. Think Alan Tyler. Think Richard Hawley. In fact don't. Just listen to the sheer quality of 'If I Could Tell You', then check out the whole album here. It's seriously good stuff.


Rol said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one panicking about my year end list... or getting frustrated by the records from last year which I've only just discovered and can't make this year's list.

Liked the Nev Coffee, thanks. (Autocorrect has changed his name, but I prefer it that way.)

The Swede said...

Musical years don't really end Rol, they merely get summerised towards the end of each December. The search goes on. That being said, I really must knuckle down to making some sense out of 2016.
Your autocorrect made me laugh so hard that I nearly spat my own coffee out!

John Medd said...

I'll be lucky if my 2016 Best Of contains *one* track recorded this year.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Spot on with the comparisons TS. He is new to me and this is just fabulous. Going to listen to the album right now. You are right will have to start getting the 2016 lists ready.

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