Friday, 8 September 2017


Between entertaining the visiting American contingent of the family, darting off down to London for two consecutive long weekends and throwing myself headlong into a new job, I haven't had much time to devote to the blogosphere just lately. My 88 year-old aunt's cataract operation was a resounding success, my thanks to everyone who wished her well. By the morning after the procedure she was already reporting a significant improvement in her eyesight, something I had assumed would take some time, and by that afternoon I was having to shout at her to get her to sit down and rest! All very positive.

I made a few CD compilations to soundtrack this recent stint of driving and one of the highlight tunes was 'Motorbike' by Flat Worms, a band assembled from the alumni of Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Kevin Morby and Wet Illustrated. What a fuzztastic racket it is.


George said...

I like that Bodies Of Water album.

Rol said...

My mum, who's a year older than your aunt, had a cataract operation a few years back, though sadly her eyes were too far gone for it to do much good. She can still see partially, but her hearing's going as well now. I don't know how she stays so cheerful: something about that generation. Hope your aunt continues to enjoy the benefits of her op.

Liked the song, though it did make my pc crash so I'm scared to listen to it again. (That said, a faint breeze makes this heap of junk crash these days.)

Alyson said...

A fuzztastic racket - perfect description but in a good way.

Gosh you've been busy and a new job to boot - Hope it goes well and glad the op went well.

C said...

Love the distorted fuzzy guitar and little feedback screeches on that.
Glad to know your aunt's op went so well. Hope all good for you and your new job too!

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