Friday 15 September 2017

Work in Progress #4: T.Rex - Metal Guru

Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of Marc Bolan's tragically early death. I've written frequently about Bolan's massive influence on several aspects of my life and will no doubt do so again, but for now it's all about the music. Today I'm extremely honoured to have had an Imaginary T.Rex Compilation Album published over at The (New) Vinyl Villain and would like to offer my huge thanks to JC for shuffling his posts around to fit mine in, particularly as I was so very late in getting it across to him! For the purposes of the ICA I deliberately avoided the hits, but for the latest instalment of my Work in Progress series I've gone for T.Rex's 4th and final No.1 smash, 'Metal Guru'. It's interesting to note that the acoustic studio demo of 'Metal Guru' bears an uncanny resemblance to 'Lady', which originally appeared on it's b-side, though all similarities fades when the full might of Bolan & Tony Visconti's 'T.Rex Treatment' is layered across the track, which includes backing vocals courtesy of Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan of The Turtles.

T.Rex - Metal Guru (Demo)

T.Rex - Metal Guru


Alyson said...

Gosh 40 years ago - Will pop over to read your ICA post. He made a massive impact on you obviously.

I remember Metal Guru above all other T Rex records as it was toping the charts when I and a few hundred other kids from Scotland were at a school camp "down south" - We pestered the teachers to let us watch ToTP which thankfully they did but one small black and while telly and a few hundred kids - Changed days!

JC said...

First time I've ever heard the's rather splendid all told. Certainly doesn't sound its age....which I sometimes think is the case with the completed version which wears its glam roots firmly on its sleeve (as it should)

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