Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Watch Out All You Space Cats

Funny felines, misbehaving moggies and cute quirky kittens, your social media platform of choice is probably crammed with images of 'em. Now I like cats, but it does get a little bit over the top at times. I'll never tire of these two Instagram pages though. Allow me to introduce you to Ringo (here) and his brother, the one-eyed Little Tubs (here), a pair of beautiful Scottish Folds owned by Robyn Hitchcock and his partner Emma Swift. A long-time cat lover, Robyn's fans shared his sorrow at the loss of previous little pal Tiny Montgomery, who is immortalised on the cover of his self-titled 2017 LP. Ringo and Little Tubs are clearly much loved, not to mention very photogenic, members of the family and the comments from Robyn & Emma are often an absolute hoot.

Robyn Hitchcock - Clean Steve (1990)


Charity Chic said...

Always good to hear a bit of Robyn

Brian said...

Continues to put out nothing but quality. He was No. 14 on my list of best albums in 2017.

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