Monday, 7 January 2019

Monday Long Song

In 1993, between 'Jehovahkill', his last LP for Island Records and 'Autogeddon', his first for Echo, Julian Cope issued 'Rite' on his own Ma-Gog label. Credited to Julian Cope & Donald Ross Skinner, the CD consisted of four instrumental tunes and was available via mail-order only. It quickly became a firm favourite in my house. As much as I love short sharp pop songs, I'm also a great fan of noodling. Sometimes noodling can form an extended introduction to a more focused piece of music, while at other times the noodling is an end unto itself. This is a good example of the latter.

Julian Cope & Donald Ross Skinner - The Indians Worship Him, But He Hurries On


Swiss Adam said...

Cope on a Monday- brilliant.

Brian said...

I have spent the last couple of years catching up with Cope’s work, but I have never even heard of this this album before. A noodling Cope is always an interesting listen. Like this a lot. Weird and wonderful.

drew said...

This is great. Have you heard the Dope feat Julian Cope? Two long meandering tracks which are well worth checking out

The Swede said...

SA. Isn't it just?

Brian. There are now several volumes of 'Rite', I've lost touch with how many, but, if you're ok with Cope's looser stuff, they're all good.

Drew. Don't think I've had the pleasure, but it sounds up my street.

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