Monday, 21 January 2019

Monday Long Song

Swedish four-piece Automatism share core members with other favourites of this parish Kungens Män and Fanatism, though their overall musical approach is somewhat lighter and more spacious than either of those bands. 'From the Lake', Automatism's debut LP, was released last Summer on Tonzonen Records - physical and digital copies are available here. The album's centrepiece 'Propeller Propulsion' is a 12 minute chugger, to borrow a Swiss Adam descriptor.

Automatism - Propeller Propulsion


drew said...

Loving that Swede, cheers

drew said...

Just checked out the rest of that album and it is worth getting a hold of, not sure about £26 quid for the vinyl though

John Medd said...

Oh yes. Now that hits the spot.

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