Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Mystery Bird

I stumbled out of the back door early yesterday morning and caused the usual flurry of panicked fluttering as numerous blackbirds, sparrows, doves and tits rose up and flew off from all corners of the garden. All except for one bird, which sat watching me from the conservatory roof a few feet away, without the slightest hint of panic. Its sheer apparent fearlessness made me jump a bit though. At first glance I took it for a gull, such was its size, but quickly realised that it must've been some sort of pigeon or dove - I've never seen that particular colouration before though. Can anyone put an exact name to the species?

Meanwhile, here's an appropriately titled tune from 'Inferno', the excellent new Robert Forster LP (available here).

Robert Forster - One Bird in the Sky


C said...

Like a dove dipped in chocolate! (That's the polite version...)
I'd have felt totally the same; we are so used to our collared doves, woodpigeons and the occasional pair of rock doves that this really stands out. I'm wondering if it's actually a feral pigeon who has strayed away from its usual urban habitat and into the countryside. I'm constantly surprised a the variety in plumage and appearance of the feral ones on trips to London, and never get to see them here. Or perhaps someone's pet?! Hope it comes back!

Martin said...

Some form of leucistic dove or pigeon, maybe?

The Swede said...

Thanks guys - it stuck out like a sore thumb in the garden and hung around for a couple of hours, before continuing its journey.

C said...

I'm thinking perhaps someone's fancy racing pigeon stopped by for a comfort break - here's something similar:

Brian said...

You know how I love these bird posts. There have been some mystery appearances at our place too. Some kind of orange and black bird that is not an oriole. We are currently having a woodpecker problem at our place as well. Sounds like a jackhammer is being taken to the house. Scary stuff. It's nesting time, and his girlfriend doesn't seem to agree this is the best place to live, thankfully. Great pick by Mr. Forster. I'm loving the new album.

John Medd said...

Beautiful plumage. Norwegian Blue?

The Swede said...

C. You could be right. That would explain why the bird remained calm when I was so close.

Brian. We see the occasional woodpecker, usually in flight. I love them, but they must seem less pleasant if they're making such a racket on and around your house. We have all kinds of thumping going on in our roof at the moment - only boisterous sparrows though, hopefully.

John. This one didn't scare easily though.

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