Friday, 29 March 2019

Version City #72 - Robyn Hitchcock sings Carl Douglas

JC, our mutual friend and Blogfather of this little corner of t'internet, has once again done me the great honour of featuring an Imaginary Compilation Album of my curation over at his place today. This time around, the subject of my attention is the one and only Robyn Hitchcock, a man whose music I've been digging for a frankly terrifying amount of time - 40 years! As I note in the post, the ten songs selected only scratch the surface of such a long, prolific ongoing career and I have every intention of following up with a Volume 2 in the fullness of time. I'm off to catch an intimate show on his UK tour in a few weeks, so expect more Robyn related gubbins soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the ICA here plus this bonus cover version from the 1990 Anti-Poll Tax compilation 'Alvin Lives (in Leeds)'. Thanks again JC.

Robyn Hitchcock - Kung Fu Fighting


Charity Chic said...

Haven't visited JC's place yet today but delighted to hear that Swede

Brian said...

I really don't know how you did it, Swede... so many albums... so many songs... but you pulled it off. Hitchcock is a rare breed in that I think his material from the last decade is at least as good as his first. The two decades in between were damn good too. What a talent! I bet I'll be listening to him all weekend now.

The Swede said...

That was my problem Brian - by the time I'd got to track 8 I was only up to 1996! So much great stuff to choose from after that too. I shall certainly return with Vol.2 one of these days.
Thank you both for your kind words.

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