Monday, 1 April 2019

Monday Long Song

82 year old Japanese drummer Takeshi Inomata has contributed to over 300 recordings during his long career. 'Theme - Mustache' is track one side one from his very first LP, 'Sounds of Sounds Ltd', released way back in 1970. After 2 minutes of random introductory noodlings, the tune suddenly blossoms into a tight funk workout, incorporating impressive guitar, organ, flute and, of course, drum solos. Then, at around 6.25, a sleazy horn overture clears a path for....well, if you saw that coming, I certainly didn't. Remember, this was 1970.

Takeshi Inomata & Sound Ltd - Theme-Mustache


Walter said...

One more forgotten gem on MLS. Thanks for bringing it back to my Memory Swede

Brian said...

My goodness, so many moods going on in this one. That percussion was way ahead of its time. Going back for another listen. And, yes, that cover was a shocker, but it works. I feel like it's the time to decompress after the wild ride.

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